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About was established in 2011. Since that year, has been dedicated Tioman ferry ticket provider for the popular Mersing-to-Tioman and Tanjung Gemuk-to-Tioman ferry routes. In fact, this is all we do: provide our customers with ferry tickets to Tioman and the customer support to ensure a smooth crossing.

This is what distinguishes from most other ticket providers; we don't do anything else, just ferry tickets to Tioman Island. Keeping our focus ensures we can offer our passengers the highest quality service, such as the latest ferry timing updates, direct from the ferry terminal to our passengers.

It is this above-par service that has garnered us endorsements by plenty of Tioman hotels, resorts and dive outfits.

We're also pleased to note that hundreds of travel-oriented websites and blogs contain a link to our site, which means that these website administrators recognize our efforts and realize our value to travelers planning to vacation in Tioman.

Incidentally, our ferry tickets are not the cheapest. The cheapest ferry tickets are those available at the ferry terminal counter shortly before the ferry departs.

However, if, like most travelers, you prefer a vacation without missed connections, without running into fully booked hotels and without other avoidable hiccups, then booking your trip in advance is highly recommended.

We believe that when it comes to spending some well-earned time away from work and the ever-bustling city, penny-wise isn't necessarily the best approach.

Whichever tickets you prefer, we wish you a bon voyage.