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Mersing Harbour Centre

Recently, almost one year ago today, the ferry terminal received the upgrade that was long overdue. The grizzled and creaky ferry ticket counters at the end of the ferry jetty finally made way for a modern building, Mersing Harbour Centre.

In fact, it's been said that with the completion of Mersing Harbour Centre and the official opening by the Sultan of Johor, Mersing has shed its stuffy image and has leapt wholesale into the future of travel.

Not only is Mersing poised to readily accommodate the ever-growing numbers of travelers making their way to the paradise islands that pepper the Mersing offshore, but Mersing has now also become the jumping board into its exciting hinterland.

Tanjung Resang, Penyabong, Taman Negara, Endau Rompin; areas filled to the rim with potential for jungle adventures, deep-sea angling excursions, sailing activities and even a yachting marina.

Mersing Harbour Centre is the first step to this region of Peninsular Malaysia's consolidating its leading position as a bridge to its wealth of regional offshore and inland attractions.

     One small step...

But Mersing Harbour Centre is so much more than a mere travel and transport central nervous system.

Apart from the numerous counters from which to collect Tioman ferry tickets, bus tickets, Mersing Harbour Centre also offers a great food and beverage section, a considerable range of retails outlets, as well as a number of useful amenities and facilities.

Or perhaps you'd like a nice hot meal before getting on the ferry to Tioman? Rest assured that Mersing Harbour Centre's food and beverage section will serve you up a great dish, oriental or western, your choice.

Need a drink to go with your meal? Hot and cold beverages are available too.

Not to mention a spa, a prayer room, a children's playground and plenty of parking area.

With Mersing Harbour Centre, Mersing has clearly readied itself for the imminent influx of travelers, both from overseas and from Malaysia's rapidly burgeoning middle class.