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     Tioman Ferry Schedule
As a result of the Mersing 's river mouth's relatively shallow waters, the departure time of the ferry to Tioman is different from day to day. Essentially, the departure time tracks Mersing's high tide, which tends to come about 30-45 minutes later each day.

In addition, the area is subject to regular Sumatra Squalls, storms that, whilst typically short-lived, can pack quite a punch and may well leave the sea too high for the ferry to safely depart.

These factors are responsible for Tioman's ferry's irregular departure times and changing daily frequency of the crossings.

In fact, during the monsoon months, November/December to February/March, conditions become more challenging still, due to the fresh northeasterly breeze and incoming swell.

That being said, our confirmation email contains our dedicated ferry hotline number, as well as a live link to the ferry schedule. This schedule is updated frequently and, as such, typically includes most, though, given the changeable nature of weather and sea state, by definition, not all ferry schedule updates.

Our confirmation email is sent to all our passengers upon completing their online booking. Our customers can also follow our *Tweets for ferry updates. *Terms and conditions apply.
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